Betsalel Tel-Aviv

2-6 bedrooms

80-220 Sq.m.


About this project

Only minutes from the sea and the HaBima Theater, easy walking distance from Dizengoff Center, Sheinkin St., and the Carmel Market, near Bialik Square and Beit HaIr, the beating heart of Tel Aviv is being restored to life in the form of a dazzling new real estate development.

Today, the Tel Aviv dream that began more than a hundred years ago has been reborn, imbuing this historic neighborhood with a newly energized spirit. The uniquely-designed buildings of the modern Betsalel Tel-Aviv residential project feature enchanting apartments, and an intimate, internal courtyard, all within fascinating surroundings.

Colors, scents, entertainment, culture, history, shops, cafes, restaurants – all this, just moments away...

Betsalel Tel-Aviv is a project for all those who truly love Tel Aviv and are seeking an environment where they will be able to live in the beating heart of the city, feeling its vibrant pulse, while enjoying all the benefits of an authentic, up-to-date, modern, and energetic ambiance.

If you are among those seeking the perfect combination of past, present, and future, yearning to live deep within the cultural richness of the city, here is the wonderful opportunity to turn your dream into a daily reality. An inseparable part of your home. Your life.

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